Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Who'd You Rather?
Sweet! I'm so excited to be a part of another killer blog. (Pardon the Napoleon Dynamite words... I can't help it. I watched it today, and I can't stop talking like him. GOSH!)

So I'm Ginger, and Jess sent me an invite. I've been posting some HOT? or NOT? segments over at Pusillanimous Wankers. Chuck suggested that I do a "Who'd you rather?"

Sounds good to me!

So I think I'll start off with a girl "who'd you rather?" and a guy "who'd you rather?" Note - these won't always be hot! Sometimes we must choose between those who are NOT HOT.

Who'd you rather?

Juliette Lewis OR Julliane Moore

I'd have to go with Juliette because I love her so much.
Although Julianne was fabulous in Boogie Nights.

Rod Stewart OR Paul Rubens

Ew, I don't even want to answer that one. Oddly enough, I'd have to go with Pee Wee, just because Rod makes my stomach turn. He always has. Blech!

So who'd YOU rather?

Because I can, I am going to add the Jess seal approval. If you people do not go see Ginger, you are silly, silly readers. Ginger is a great blogger who still makes me smile. If I lived in Arkansas, had hair, and more charm Bub might be in trouble. So, go see her site, I do, everyday.

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