Wednesday, December 29, 2004
1.)Why did I just spend four hours cleaning my 2 bedroom apartment?
2.)Do I have important visitors coming?
3.)Am I bored?
4.)Did my apartment look like a pig sty before tonight?
5.)Why don't I clean more often?

1.) Because I found a note on my door.
2.) According to the note I have two electricians coming.
3.) I have a short attention span amongst other short things.
4.) Pig sty is as pig sty does.
5.) I hate cleaning, and I fired my housekeeper a couple of months ago.

P.S. I really hate cleaning. You would think as dilligently as I worked it was two strippers coming in the morning not two electricians. Damn, if I never see another clorox "ready mop" pad again, it will not be too soon.

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