Monday, December 13, 2004
You Probably Don't Know me, and that's probably just as well
My thanks to Jess for inviting me to sit in. When he says that I play the guitar like no other, you should take that to mean that no one would play the guitar in public the way I do. But I appreciate his kindness, just the same. He used to hear me play when he was young and impressionable, so maybe that explains it.

I do write Rain Storm, a blog that lists considerably to port (or leans to the left, for those of you who haven't spent much time at sea). I'm an old soldier who occasionally reads the casualty lists from Iraq, hoping I won't see any old friends listed, or younger soldiers that I trained not too many years ago.

I'll do my best to keep my political rants over at Rain Storm, and use LOSLI for humor and human interest posts.

More soon. Hasta.

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