Saturday, January 29, 2005
The Anti-Erica Campaign

I recently learned that Francis' best friend has started an anti-Erica Campaign. I try to keep personal things to my own blog, but I think this is really fucked-up, and I sort of wanted to share. "jerkoff" and I have never liked eachother. He is rude to women, and a little rude generally. At one point he made a comment about how I went to school for Fashion Design because I am stupid. I am not stupid, to put it simply. I went to school for fashion design because that is what I want to do, desparately. Francis even acts like a jerk around him sometimes, and he is really just a kitten. As much as I dislike "J.O." I would never start an anti-him campaign. SO what is the deal with this? Can anyone tell me? What could possibly be so bad about me that "J.O." would comprimise Francis' happiness to get rid of me?

Sorry, guys, I really needed to vent.

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