Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Call me the class clown....
Lately it seems as if the blogosphere has become a high school of sorts.

There are cliques forming, there is shit talking, their are "Kingmakers" and then there is me.

I have become the target of quite a bit of hate mail. I guess, if these people feel the need to talk shit about me than they can but, my question is why not simply quit reading this site? If you hate us then just fucking leave.

Maybe this mood will pass. Maybe it won't. At this point I am just sick of it. I am just sick of people playing childish fucking games.

I refuse to get involved in the fray.

I am not going to play high school games. I am not going to run for student council, I am not the prom king, though I'm considering becoming the kid in the back of the class that talks incessantly.

The opinions expressed on this post are mine and mine alone. The other team members may(and probably do) have different opinions on this. That is why I used "I" instead of "we."

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