Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Conversations with boss volume 2
Boss: I notice you are smoking. How's that New Years resolution?
Me: Yup, I notice you are eating well still. How's yours?
Boss: Well yeah, but I am going to lose weight.
Me: I will buy a scale and bring it in here.
Boss: But, I weigh in my skivvies to get a true reading.
Me: Not here you don't, no sir. not here, "remember that whole dress for success" thing?
Boss: But....
Me: No ifs ands or buts you stay clothed, young man.

Of course most of my readers no that my boss is about ten years older than me and a hell of a cool guy but no undies exposed while I am present.

Next question of the LOSLI readership...
Yoga or college football's national championship game for Jess tonight?

I chose Reggie Bush over Daria. He is bigger and all ya know?

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