Friday, January 14, 2005
Conversations with clerks volume 5
At 7-11 last night.

Clerk: Two diet cokes. Anything else?

Me: No ma'am.

Clerk: Don't call me ma'am it makes me feel old.

Me: OK.

Clerk: I can run circles around those little girls.

Me: I am sure you can.

Clerk: I am serious.

Me: Well, have a good night.

Clerk: Are you a fan of the King?

Me: Don King?

Clerk: No, Elvis....

Me: Well he was a little before my time.

Clerk: He liked older women. A little known fact.

Me: I learned something today.

Clerk: Think about it.

Me: My wheels are turning. I must go home and finish my work.

Clerk: Are you avoiding the proposal?

Me: See you soon.

Note to self, do not at any cost go back to that 7-11. There are many other convinience stores where the clerks don't scare me.

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