Friday, January 07, 2005
Conversations with Excel volume 2.
Me: Damn, we are almost done.


Me: Ah the smell of completion.


Me: Want to grab a beer or something?


Me: I feel as if we have formed a bond over these past two days, and ya know I like you.

Excel: Dude, are you off your rocker? Seriously I am a computer program not some sorority sister that you can spend two days with then get to do what you want. Get a clue.


Excel: Wipe that look of indignance off your face.

Me: Sorry, did not mean to offend. I will not ask anything else of you.

Excel: Let's just follow the Brennifer lead and seperate, ya know go our seperate ways.

Me: Suits me. I always prefered Access and Word anyway.

Excel: Fine.

Me: Fine.

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