Monday, January 03, 2005
Conversations with my favorite waitress....
Picture it, a rainy day in the American West my cell phone rings. I have mentioned before my not talking on my cellphone challenge, but this was work hours, and an unknown number so I answered it.

Me: Hello, This is Jesse.
MFW: Hello Jesse this is YFW (She used name)
Me: Hello MFW, how are you?
MFW: I am fine. I kinda missed seeing you today, are you ok?
Me: I am fine, but I need to eat food other than Mexican sometimes, ya know?
MFW: Yes, but I would have had them make you a hamburger or something.
Me: That is sweet. How'd you get my cell phone number anyhow?
MFW: Thanks. From the bathroom wall it is written in the ladies room.
Me: Funny. Want to know a secret?
MFW: Yes, please.
Me: When I first met you I thought you were a bit on the bitchy side.
MFW: (Laughing) I am, I am a bitch, but you are sweet so our personalities mesh.
Me: Ah. I see.
MFW: What is that background noise?
Me: I have some vendors in my office.
MFW: Yeah well I will let you go.
Me: Not necessary you take precedence, besides I am walking outside now.
MFW: OK, well are you going to come over to dinner tonight?
Me: At the restaurant?
MFW: No, sweetie at my house, I am cooking enchiladas.
Me: Hmm.
MFW: Just as friends, I really enjoy spending time with you.
Me: Well, maybe.
MFW: I don't bite.... Too hard.
Me: OK, but I dunno, I guess I am a little aprehensive of this.
MFW: I am the same UFW at night as I am in the day. Besides I cook really well.
Me: How about I buy you dinner.
MFW: Please let me cook for you, you are my friend.
Me: OK, OK but only cuz you asked nicely.

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