Sunday, January 02, 2005
Conversations with Pears Volume 4
Me: Hey


Me: Are you mad at me?

Pear: Well, kinda. I saw you eating an apple earlier, I guess it kinda hurt my feelings.

Me: I was not eating it.

Pear: You had it in your hand.

Me: Nothing wrong with holding an apple.

Pear: I call it caressing. Maybe your effing waitress will bring you some apple pie.

Me: You are a bitter pear, aren't you? I thought you were just sandy but now I feel like you are bitter. Lets not talk about her.

Pear: Dooon't push me, cuuz I am close to the edge. I am trying not to loooooose my head.

Me: You need counseling.

Pear: Talk to the stem.

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