Sunday, January 09, 2005
Conversations with Pears Volume 6
Me: Hey, what are you doing here? I thought I left you at the office.

Pear: Yeah, well, I snuck in your briefcase.

Me: So.....

Pear: So.....

Me: Yes...

Pear: I see she is still here.

Me: Yes, and she may be for a while.

Pear: Hmm.

Me: Hmm to you too.

Pear: Did you get laid last night or what?

Me: A gentleman never tells.

Pear: I don't like her.

Me: Too bad. I do.

Pear: OK, so I am a bit jealous.

Me: I will buy you a girlfriend tomorrow.

Pear: But she is prettier than a pear.

Me: Yes, I think so too.

Pear: Can I have her?

Me: No.

Pear: How about we duel over her?

Me: No, Zell.

Pear: My name is Tom, not Zell.

Me: Well, nice to meet you Tom.

Pear: Do you have a name or does dumbass work?

Me: My name is Jesse, a lot of people call me Jess.

Pear: I prefer Dumbass.


Pear: Put me away.

Ginger talks to pears too.... Here is her conversation (from comments)

Conversation with a pear who is mad at Jess:

Me: Why you gotta be like that to my homie, yo?
Me: You're just so SOUR all the damn time!
Me: I spent time with an apple today; maybe Jess would like one. What do you think about that?
Pear: Bitch.

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