Sunday, January 09, 2005
Conversations with Pears Volume 7
The rest of the story. Cynthia approved there for I will post.

Me: So......

Pear: So.....

Me: Why do you hate C.?

Pear: No hate, just a sadness.

Me: Sadness how?

Pear: I realize that you and her are great.

Me: So... What is the problem?

Pear: She told me that she likes you too.

Me: You mean I am not the only one that talks to you?

Pear: No. You are not. I talk to people all the time. To tell the truth I am trying to be adopted by another owner.

Me: Well , good luck.

Pear: All I ask for Jess, is a little respect.

Me: Truce then?

Pear: OK. Thanks for listening.

Me: Don't be sad.

Pear: Hold me.

Me: This shit is getting out of hand.

Pear: Please.

Me: Fine but only for a minute.

Pear: Psych. Got you sucker. Ha fucking ha. Boom you're my bitch now. YEEH.

Me: It's on. Prepare to meet your brother in pear Purgatory.

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