Thursday, January 20, 2005
Hell naw, I aint mad at cha.....
A friend of mine called me today to ask about my ex girlfriend (Only dated for a week) K. He asked if it would bother me, if he told me that he slept with her. I thought about this, as I was thinking he said please dawg, don't me mad at me. I told him that Tupac Shakur had said it best when he "Said hell naw I aint mad at cha.... Do your thing."

I take an attitude with exes and even current girlfriends dating my friends as, oh well. My advice to friends when broached about these subjects is usually along the lines of " Hope you have better luck with her than I have had."

My theory on this is that true friends are hard to find, if you have the honor to be upfront and honest, then how could I object. I remember one time a friend of mine and a ex girlfriend, (though at the time she was current) of mine slept together, they got drunk, and it happened. I broke up with the girlfriend, then my friend approached me and apologized. To me, this was not necessary. He was not in a relationship, she was, not him. I told him that I was not going to lose a friend that I had known for years over a girl I had known for months.

Is this so wrong? I have told people my theories on this, and have gotten a variety of responses, some very supportive, some think I am nuts. To me, this is the only way that makes sense.

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