Saturday, January 01, 2005
I'm a Coyote Democrat
Ralph coined the term. It applies to Democrats in the west. I have had several discussions on my politics with Charlie, maybe this will help some people to understand me. Click here to read Ralph's original.

For those of you not from the West, Coyotes are a Darwinian success stories and managed to adapt to the coming of White America in ways that bears, wolves and Native Americans did not. Coyotes seem to be everywhere, living on the margins of "civilization." On my commute, I'll see a coyote about once a week. When I walk my dog in the evening, I will almost without exception hear their song every night.

And it is not for lack of our attempts to extinguish them. Coyotes had the same bounty that wolves did (although less). Coyotes were poisoned. But they live on, actually probably in greater numbers than ever before.

Coyote is the trickster of Southwestern Native American lore. Not taken seriously, living by his wits and generally being an annoyance to people.

Coyotes are smart, creative animals. They find a niche an exploit it, moving to the top of the food chain in an area where humans can't shoot them (not in the suburbs) and actually think they are part of the landscape--without them the west wouldn't be the same.

They are also useful. Coyotes help control the population of vermin and eat hundreds of mice and rats each year.

Democrats in the west are also smart and creative. Given up for dead by national Democrats, western Democrats scored big successes in recent elections. Colorado Democrats seized the House and Senate in 2004. Montana Democrats swept their state government in 2004. Wyoming and Arizona elected Democratic governors in 2002. If we can keep the momentum up, and control redistricting in 2010 (or at least keep the Republicans from controling it), Democrats across the west will be a force to be reckoned with.

I'm proud to be a Coyote Democrat.

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