Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Is that the smell of burnt hair?
Tonight, I decided I would have a few good friends over and barbecue. Yes, I know it is January, yes I know it is cold, but I wanted to do it.

I go out to start my propane grill, push the ignition button, nothing. I have the gas cranked up and can hear it escaping into the night. I go in and get a cigarette lighter and a paper towel Roll up the end of the paper towel light it and stick it into the barbecue pit. It takes a second but the gas and fire make contact and we have ignition.

I had not planned on the paper towel to start off as quick as it did. The flames reached near the end of the towel that I was holding and I threw it to the ground and set off to stomping I stomped and the flame went out. The problem with this last sequence was, that flip flops do not protect ones feet from flames very well.

I am still in shock, over all this when one of my friends comes out and walks up and slaps my arm, not once but twice. I turned to him and said... "What the fuck are you doing?" He pointed at my sleeve. I looked down and the sleeve of my jacket was on fire. The flame had also spread to the side of the jacket.

It was like I was in elementary school again. I remembered McSnuff the Fire Dog telling me to "stop, drop and roll." I am doing this, I hear fast approaching footsteps, and suddenly the air is filled with white. Suddenly, I have a bitter taste in my mouth and my eyes are burning, I am also strangely wet.

I guess one of my neighbors had seen me rolling on the ground, ran inside her apartment got her fire extinguisher and sprayed me. About this time my friend poured two beers on me, to help in the effort.

I get up off the ground, walk inside to change jackets. I am greeted by one of my good friends that is Georgia girl asking me In a sweet southern accent "Do I smell burnt hair?" I smiled and said "Yes Tammy you probably do."

I changed jackets washed my hands, my buddy explained what had happened to the rest of the group. I walked in and told them that it was ok to laugh, I had heart attacks in buns to cook.

What is a heart attack in a bun or HAIB for short? It is a spicy italian sausage wrapped in bacon served on a hoagie roll with pepper jack cheese often eaten with mustard, but the condiment thing is your call.

I am fine, no injuries just a lot of humility. I wish that jackass hadn't told everybody. So, I'm a beer drenched blogger, sounds strangely normal.

*Update 2*
The HAIBS were very good.

*Update 3*
C.thought that it was funny, I guess I am not going to be able to use sympathy thing.

*Update 4*
25 K and I thought of quitting at 10K thank you. You guys make it worthwhile.
Love ya. Jess

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