Sunday, January 09, 2005
Meet the neighbors
Ken is a verb. The life and times of Ken. A great read. I have been meaning to add to blogroll and will do eventually.

Oh and btw, C. just got hit on by a female client of mine.

Ooh la la. She says no. Damn the luck. She gave me a look that was classic, but you can't blame me for trying.

Update - By C.
Yes, I was hit on. I am just not into girls. By the way ladies, do you enjoy watching your man sleep?
Watching Jesse sleep I could tell that he was at peace. He looked so cute in his tossing and turning, he slept most of the morning with his head on my shoulder, though he does talk in his sleep.

Update 2 - By C.
He told me to tell you all that he will be back, he is busy for the moment talking to a pear. He said you guys would get it.

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