Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Same Crap, Different Day
(Bumped up by Jess because I can, and I believe it needs discussion)
Hunter, who writes at the Daily Kos, plucked a real gem out of a December issue of the Economist: the death of Billy James Hargis.

For you youngsters, Hargis was a role model for today's anti-liberal, anti-commie, anti-faggot TV and radio preachers. He built himself a growing little empire, including the National Anti-Communist Leadership School, the Christian Crusade Anti-Communist Youth University and, in Tulsa, the American Christian College.
The targets of his daily wrath were not only homosexuals and women's libbers but the blatantly sexual pop-gods of the day: "When the Beatles thrust their hips forward while holding their guitars and shout, 'Oh Yeah!!', who cannot know what they really mean?"
Preacher Billy was on top of the world, casting out the Devil all over this great land back in the 1950s and '60s -- that is until the Devil got the better of him. Preacher Billy got caught porking his students, both boys and girls.

Hunter makes an interesting case for this trend toward sin among the raving conservatives:
One of the necessities of conservatism, by definition, is its constancy. We think of the sinning Bennetts, the Falwells and Robertsons, and the Limbaughs as individal hypocrites, and the conflation of religion and conservativism as a new contraption rigged by the current (largely amoral) Republican party, but the rhetoric borrows almost entirely from that of the most frothing of the anti-Communists and moralists of fifty years ago.

Or, to be less eloquent: Same crap, different day.
Yep. The roots of the "Values" voters run pretty deep.

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