Monday, January 24, 2005
Scenes from a car-wash volume 1
While waiting for the girl in her pajamas in front of me to finish vacuuming her car.

Me: (Rolling down the window as she walks up to me.) Yes Ma'am?

Her: Hi.

Me: Hi.

Her: Do you happen to have change for a dollar?

Me: Yes, here you go. (Hand her four quarters and take her dollar)

Her: I am Ashley.

Me: I am Jesse.

Her: Nice to meet you.

Me: The pleasure is all mine. (Hit window up button)

Her: Hey wait.

Me: OK. Yes.....

Her: Your vehicle appears pretty clean yet you are vacuuming it. Why?

Me: Because I can.

Her: Oh.

Me: It is 1:00 and you are in your pajamas. Why?

Her: Well, uh. I dunno. I guess I was lazy this morning.

Me: Yet you took the time to put on your makeup.

Her: A girl can't leave home without her makeup.

Me: But she can without her jeans?

Her: Do you argue with everyone?

Me: Nope, only the people I like.

Her: Do you like me?

Me: I guess I must.

Her: Well, OK. But, I have a boyfriend.

Me: Christ on a cracker. I was trying to be nice. How could I like you? I gave you change thats it.

Her: But he is an asshole.

Me: So am I. Listen Ashley I need to go. This is getting weird. I have enough problems with the women in my life already, I needn't add some lady I meet at the carwash who wears pajamas at 1:00 in the afternoon.

Her: Well, OK. But I am a good girl.

Me: Yes. I bet you are. Look I have a friend named Eric, he is weird. You two would be great.

Her: Here, let me give you my number.

Me: Not necessary I will look for a woman in Pajamas, and find you.

Her: Are you being sarcastic?

Me: Yes. Probably a little.

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