Friday, January 28, 2005
Scenes from the espresso stand volume 2
Ashley: Hi Jesse.

Me: Good Morning Ash.

Ashley: So, what will it be?

Me: A little thing I like to call bartender's choice.

Ashley: Huh?

Me: You pick me out something, and I will drink it.

Ashley: Ah. How about the Heath Bar?

Me: Bartender's choice.

Ashley: OK.

Me: So, how has life been treating you?

Ashley: Busy. With work and school, it seems as though I hardly have any time for fun.

Me: Yes, I understand.

Ashley: So, how about you?

Me: Hectic.

Ashley: I bet.

Me: Indeed.



Me: So, how old are you?

Ashley: 20. How old are you?

Me: I am an old man. I will be 26 next month.

Ashley: that's not old.

Me: Maybe then you are just young. I dunno. So, what are you studying?

Ashley: History.

Me: Are you gonna be a lawyer?

Ashley: No. Why?

Me: I had an ex girlfriend that was a history major, now she is in law school.

Ashley: How many ex girlfriends do you have?

Me: A few.

Ashley: I see that.


Ashley: That is not bad, it is just a statement that you are a commitment phoebe.

Me: Now you are sounding like a psych major.

Ashley: Well...


Ashley: Here is your Heath Bar Mocha. I gave you extra whipped cream.

Me: Hmm.



Ashley: You are kinda sweet when you are not trying to be an asshole.

Me: Usually I do not have to try. It comes naturally. (My cell phone starts to ring) Well, Ash come back and see me.

Ashley: Bye Jesse. Give em hell.

Me: I always do. Gotta go. This call is important.

Ashley: Bye sweetie.

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