Monday, January 10, 2005
Scenes from the mall x 2
At Dillards

Clerk: What can I help you find?


Clerk: Sir?


Clerk: Well, if you don't talk to me how can I help you?


Clerk: You look lost.

Me: Oh, sorry, were you talking to me?

Clerk: Yes, I was.

Me: Oh. I was thinking about the theory of creationism, do you believe that someone can believe in evolution and still be a practicing christian?

Clerk: Huh?

Me: If the theory of creationism is true and the earth is only 6000 years old how did the dinosaur bones get here, What about the ancient pyramids?

Clerk: Huh?

Me: Think about it. It is simple really. Does creationism make sense to you? Do you think Dick Clark is 6000? He might be able to help.

Clerk: Well.....

Me: Time is short, I must go. I certainly hope you think about our discussion.

Clerk: Are you messing with me?

Me: Perhaps. (Then I walked away biting my lip to avoid laughing at the stunned look on her face.)

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