Saturday, January 08, 2005
Scenes from the mall
Walking by a jewelry store I saw that it was closing. How could I tell? They had a sign up, that said "last two days." So, I walk in. Here is the conversation that ensued.

Clerk: Can I help you?
Me: Yes, I need some jewelry.
Clerk: For your wife?
Me: Naw, for my... I dunno. I just want some cheap jewelry.
Clerk: Does your "Your I dunno" prefer gold or silver?
Me: She likes.... I dunno.
Clerk: Hmm.
Me: So, show me what you have.
Clerk: Well this diamond bracelet was originally $1200.00, it is now marked down to $74.99.
Me: I'll take it.
Clerk: Do you want to know the specs?
Me: Yeah, why not.
Clerk: There are (8) 1 Karat diamonds, on a 24 karat bracelet.
Me: OK.
Clerk: You have no idea what I just said do you?
Me: Not a clue.
Clerk: Well, a woman will appreciate it.
Me: OK. So, I'll take some earings, too.
Clerk: Which ones?
Me: Those ones.
Clerk: Well, ok. They will look good with the bracelet.
Me: If you say so champ.
Clerk: How about an engagement ring?
Me: No, your not my type.
Clerk: For your lady friend.
Me: You are joking, right?
Me: Seriously, I am not sure what she is, now you want me to buy a ring?
Clerk: Point well taken.
Me: OK.
Clerk: But you could have it just in case.
Me: No.
Clerk: Think about it a $5K ring for $349.00
Me: In ten years I may regret it, but not now.
Clerk: OK. Are you afraid of commitment?
Me: Madame, I came for jewelry not psychology.
Clerk: Hmm.
Me: Hmm.
Clerk: I will ring you up over there.
Me: Ok.

Now the question is should I give C.* her gifts? Should I give her 1, 2, or neither?

MFW = C.* is coming over, she just called. She may get earings.

*Update 2*
C.* is making me post this. She loves her earings and is crying. She said that she has never met a guy that gave her anything. I am blushing. Good night to my lovely readers. C.* says to tell y'all that she loves you. (Though she has never found this website) I am gonna be "tied up", may not post for a while.

*Update 3*
I love Wendy's frosties. They are a chocolate treat. C.* loves them too. She may be alright. She described her earings as "icy." She still does not know that she has a bracelet.

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