Thursday, January 06, 2005
Skin flick leads to injury...
(Bumped because I buried it below ~~~~Jess)

A: Have you ever gotten injured in the sack?
Me: Uh, not that I recall. Why would you ask that?
A: I was just curious. I heard this horror story about the uh "train wreck" thing and it made me wonder.
Me: Train wreck? What are you... oh wait you mean a derailment that leads to collision?
A: Ya
Me: Ouch.. no but now that you mention it there was this one time...
A: No.. now you have to tell me.
Me: So, there we were in this kickass yoga headstand porn position and we lost track of the edge of the bed. I landed on my head and he landed on me. He said, "that's gonna leave a mark" and all I could think was, "Porn really should come with a 'don't try this at home' type of warning".

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