Sunday, January 02, 2005
A strange lunch....(Bumped for updates new below)
My waitress took my cell phone away from me, then kicked my chair, then got jealous because I talked to another waitress.

When I say jealous, I mean jealous, she told me that if I wanted to flirt with the other waitress not to bother talking to her. I explained to her that the other waitress and I were discussing college degrees and that it was not flirting in any way. She said OK. Then she was nice to me.

I don't get it. Her co-workers then were giggling, every time they walked by. My clients joined in on the giggling and soon the other patrons were as well, then I got embarrassed because I don't like be giggled at and started blushing.

Update 1. I feel like we are in Elementary school, we seem to act like two fifth graders. (In more ways than one.)

Update 2. I am a smart ass, so I told her that she needed to e-mail me her schedule, so that I would not go in when she is not working. So, I open my work e-mail this morning and there it was. I guess she called my bluff.

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