Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Tales from the espresso stand volume 1.
Espresso Girl: Hi Jesse.

Me: Hi. Do I know you?

EG: Yeah, I am Ashley. We met at the carwash a few days ago.

Me: Ah yes. I remember now.

Ashley: So, how are you?

Me: Well. And you?

Ashley: I am good.

Me: Glad to hear that.

Ashley: Uh yeah, this is weird huh?

Me: Yeah. A little. Are you wearing pants?

Ashley: (Laughing) Yes, I am.

Me: Thats good.

Ashley: Remember that boyfriend I told you about?

Me: Right, a fellow asshole like myself.

Ashley: We broke up. You by the way are not an asshole. A prick. Maybe, but not an asshole.

Me: Damn, I can tell I have a fan club here.

Ashley: It was a joke, Jesse.

Me: Ah. I knew it.

Ashley: I have researched you, you seem to get fairly positive reviews.

Me: Yeah, you want to talk to some of my ex girlfriends? They will give you negative reviews. Besides I am not supposed to be speaking to you. C. will get mad.

Ken said it best in comments.

Getting car washed: $10
Getting coffee: $3
Making change for $1: $0
Acquiring a stalker: Priceless

*update 2*
Scenes from the espresso stand volume 2 is here.

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