Sunday, January 23, 2005
Tales from the laundry room of my apartments volume 1
Me: How come the dryers are still going but you are done?

Washing machine:

Me: It does not make sense.


Me: The designer must be an idiot, why would he do it this way?


Me: What would it hurt to have you go the same amount of time as your buddy the dryer?


Me: As a matter of fact, I think my clothes might even be cleaner if you continued on. Now I have wet clothes and nowhere to put them. Frankly, this sucks.

WM: Dude, calm it down the dryer will be done in a bit.


Me: Come on dryer, just get done already.


Me: Damn you all to hell. Damn you, dryer.

80 year old neighbor: Jess, are you ok?

Me: Yeah, what do you mean Ms. Johnson?

Ms. J.: I heard you talking and you are the only one in here.

Me: Huh?

Ms. J.: You seemed mad at somebody.

Me: That damn dryer.

Ms. J.: Jess, you can not talk to dryers, they are not alive.

Me: OK, Ms. J.

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