Wednesday, January 26, 2005
This post means very little but I guess I just wanted to say this.
I really do not care that I am not linked to by any of the big bloggers. Not one ounce. I used to dream of a link by Atrios. Now I dream of tacos. In my dreams tacos are served just the way that I like them with a crispy shell, meat and lettuce. No tomatoes though, they are poisonous.

I have been linked to by Avedon, Ken, Luis, Ralph, Pika, and a plethera of other good ones. (I am just linky lovey today I guess) How could we forget our blogfather?

Skippy, Bill from INDC, and Jeff Goldstein each commented here at least once.

This post is not bitching... It is just saying, we gotta have some perspective. It also says and it is true that I love tacos, sometimes more than life itself.

*update 2*
Tacos make the world go around. Please, no soft tacos. They are merely burritos in small tortillas. Real tacos have a crisp shell, and make a nice crunching noise when you eat them. If there were a taco kingdom, I would be royalty. If the Dems ran tacos for office, they would be unbeatable.

*update 3*
I am also a fan of chili dogs. No onions on mine though, onions are a good way to ruin a perfectly good chili dog.

*update 4*
This post is not an egotrip post I guess I am just saying that our little blog is doing ok.

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