Sunday, January 09, 2005
Troll Hunting
Well, I've gotten my first asshole, sicko troll commenting over at my site. I've deleted his/her racist, derogatory, and perverted comments 3 times without acknowledging him. Each comment gets worse, and they are all on the same post.

I'm posting about it here because I refuse to give this jerk off any satisfaction that he's pissing me off.

I decided to be slick and block his I.P. from Haloscan. I found out exactly which person he was on my site meter. The origin said DAVIDSON in all caps. I knew I had seen that awhile back, so I decided to search all the I.P.s on my Haloscan comments. I knew this person was on SBC (as am I).

So I'm searching and searching, page after page and finally come upon the I.P. address.

Under my damn name! Shit.

All I can figure out is that SBC doesn't assign permanent I.P. addresses. I guess they rotate or reuse or whatever, because my I.P. is different now.

So what I've none for now is block that particular I.P. - I don't know how long that will last though. Anybody got any secrets of the trade for tracking trolls?

I checked all of the major blogs I frequent, and this person has not been to any of them. It is either someone who knows me or someone totally random.

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