Monday, January 03, 2005
(Bumped for updates)
I recently received some hate e-mail, from a reader calling me a traitor because of my reading of Protein Wisdom. Their e-mail went like this. To me the irony is that the guy who had an anonomous e-mail must also be a reader.

* Update* E-mail is below

You all really need to read Protein Wisdom, to me he is funnier than the General. I read it daily, I comment away, I am part of a community of good people. As long as they let me I will stay. I may not always agree ideologically with Jeff Goldstein but will say that he at least makes me think, unlike most of the big bloggers Jeff even returns e-mail.

I know it is a free country and you can read what you want, but you are acting like a traitor reading Jeff Goldstein's blog. The man is not one of us. He spews hate in the form of bad comedy. Now, I notice that you are commenting over there too. Can you spell sellout? I have taken you off my blogroll and will no longer read you. Fuck off.

A concerned former reader


Dear CFR,
Thanks for taking the time to write, I appreciate your input. I hate to see any reader go, but if you feel as if your time here...

Who am I kidding? Go fuck yourself. Seriously, I could care less. You want to now tell me what I can and can not read to please you? . I comment where they still allow me and do not need your permission.

I am a Democrat and a proud one at that, but dear god, you make me sick. If we can not laugh at ourselves, then whom do we laugh at? You can indeed stay in your blue state and believe that the rest of us are ignorant impolite savages, but where I live we read what we want. I live in a purple state.

Take a lesson in history. Read Goldstein, fuck, you might even learn something

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