Monday, February 28, 2005
Conversation with a rude ass Chef Instructor Vol. 1
I signed up to take this take a Cajun Cooking class, but canceled as work and grad school applications had gotten out of hand. I called three hours apologizing on the machine that I had to cancel and could I have a refund or use the money for another class. Five hours later, the chef instructor calls back and the following conversation occurs..

Me: Hello, I am sorry, but work came up and you understand.

Chef: Well, not really. I am doing this for public relations. I look at it as theatre tickets.

Me: I understand your point and I am sorry, is it possible for me to have a refund or use it towards another class.

Chef: Well, you can use it for another night.

Me: Thank you and again I am sorry.

Chef: Seriously, you cancel at the last minute after we cook the food for a sold out class.

Chef: click, he hangs up on me!

I knew that I could lose my money, but I just needed to be home tonight and get my schmack together. However, don't hang up on me, especially since you are trying to build public relations! I guess I have a phone call tomorrow to make to the manager.

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