Sunday, February 20, 2005
Conversations with On-Line Dating Jerks Part Two
Jerk: i bet you are wild inside, Penny

Bad Penny: bet? money?

Jerk: sure

Bad Penny: i dont bet. its part of my tame and non-wild nature

Jerk: may i ask a risque quetion? (sic)

Bad Penny: can you handle a sarcastic and caustic response?

Jerk: dont answer questions with shows weakness

Bad Penny: oh then let me rephrase so I do not appear weak: If you can handle a sarcastic and caustic answer... then you can ask the question

Jerk: i ony require an and true (sic)

Bad Penny: I have to wonder what would make you think you could require anything at all? Do you suppose that I am so interested in what your question will be that I will promise to answer just to hear it?

Jerk: question and analysis needed

Bad Penny: shoot

Jerk: stop being afraid

Bad Penny: Was that a question?

Jerk: forget it....

Bad Penny: ok

Jerk: it was a sexy question

Bad Penny: Yes you've mentioned that bit.

Jerk: ready?

Bad Penny: go

Jerk: thong or full...shaved or bush?

Bad Penny: is that really it?

Jerk: another question

Bad Penny: So soon?

Jerk: just answer if you can

Bad Penny: I'll do my best

Jerk: and?

Bad Penny: I thought you were asking another question...

Jerk: yahoo me

Bad Penny: yahoo you? Hip hip horay!

Jerk: just the original question

Bad Penny: Was that a question about what kind of underwear I have on right this very second or what kind do I usually wear?

Jerk: another question

Bad Penny: ok, I was justing getting used to the first one but go ahead ~

Jerk: list them

Bad Penny: them?

Jerk: ba anal ytical (sic i think but who knows?)

Bad Penny: Whoa. Maybe it's me but I have no earthy idea what that means.

Jerk: Thong sometimes?

Bad Penny: Underwear again... This I understand. Yes. Thong most times. That way my ass looks good.

Jerk: full sometimes?

Bad Penny: Occaisionally when its necessary. Will there be a grade at the end of this quiz?

Jerk: and then the rest of the question

Bad Penny: How I keep my pubic hair is really a personal issue and not really your business. Furthermore, its rather rude to ask a woman something like that. Not to mention the total lack of any chance you'd ever be able to verify the factual/truthfulness of my answer anyway.

Jerk: at leat you didnt ask a question (sic)

Bad Penny: Perhaps theres something redeeming to be said for me then

Jerk: i prefer shaveds

Bad Penny: I prefer gentlemen

This Has Been a True & Correct Re-Telling of an Actual Event ~ I'm Bad Penny

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