Thursday, February 10, 2005
Conversations with Pears Volume 13
Pear: Nice to see you decided to come back.

Me: Yeah.

Pear: Where in the Blue Hell were you?

Me: I have been traveling, I was in Denver for work.

Pear: What you think I have something against the Rocky Mountains?

Me: Uh.....

Pear: You did not even ask, would it hurt to ask me to come along?

Me: Uh.... Sorry, dawg.

Pear: Well, are you here to stay for a while?

Me: No, I leave tomorrow.

Pear: Where now you wannabe fucking globe-trotter?

Me: Phoenix.

Pear: Can I come?

Me: Sure, why not?

Pear: Booyaa. Hell mo fuckin yes.... I am going on a trip.

Me: Cool, we'll leave tomorrow.

Pear: Aight then, I gotta get packed.

Me: Never pack until the day you leave.

Pear: Why?

Me: It is bad luck if you pack pre-emptively.

Pear: Ok, then I will pack in the morning.

Me: Cool, I am tired, I am going to bed.

Pear: Check you later big guy.

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