Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Conversations with Pears Volume 14
Me: So, how was your Valentines Day?


Me: You mad at me or something?


Me: Talk to me man.

Pear: Sorry Dawg, was recovering from last night having a little nap.

Me: Ah. My sincere apologies, sorry to wake you. It is hard to tell if you are sleeping without eyes and all.

Pear: Yeah, I know. This aint my first rodeo.


Pear: That Tina the Orange, damn she rocked my world.

Me: Cool.

Pear: I wonder what our kids would look like?

Me: A little strange, but might be tasty.

Pear: I thought you and I were friends. What the fuck? You are talking about eating my offspring. Those are fighting words.

Me: How do you know you empregnated her?

Pear: Can we talk about something else, this is awkward.

Me: Yeah, how about tacos. I love tacos. I had them again today.

Pear: Dude you are obsessed with tacos or is it the taco server?


Pear: Your nonanswer answers my question.

Me: Your probably right.

Pear: C. is hot. I like her, she is sweet to me.

Me: You talk to C.?

Pear: Indeed. I talk to a lot of people

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