Monday, February 14, 2005
Feliz dia de San Valentino
Happy Valentines Day.

My day blow blow by blow.

8:10 AM- 1 Dozen Roses delivered to C. at her work.

9:00 AM- I arrive at C.'s work delivering 2 dozen roses, a box of choolates, and bath set smelling of chocolate tofu (fondue). She cries. I give my girl a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I eat breakfast with one of my friends from work.

11:30 AM- I eat lunch at C.'s work. This makes 4 tacos today.

2:20 PM- Three dozen roses arrive via one of my coworkers. She calls me saying that she has had the best V-Day ever. She tells me she loves me. I tell her not to let the flowers impair her judgement, she says she is not impaired but that she loves me.

5:10 PM- I call her when I leave work. She asks me why I take such good care of her. I tell her that she deserves it. She cries again.

7:00 PM- I leave the gym, we have dinner. She is indeed the girl of my dreams.

8:00 PM - I tell the girl of my dreams that she is the girl of my dreams,. She cries again, I hold her, she tells me that she has never met a guy like me. I tell her that I truly do care about her as well.

9:00 PM- I tell her that can not spend tonight alone. She agrees, she is on her way, tonight will be good.

I am the luckiest man in the world. Happy Valentines Day.

*Update 2*
Did you miss me? I missed you guys.

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