Thursday, February 03, 2005
Got a question for you
Thanks for the entertainement guys!

My view of the US is very subjective. My idea of the US comes, from american friends, from non-american friends, from american TV (from HBO to CNN), from world events (war, space,etc.) and from the world around me (different countries). Of course all of this information that i get is processed by my own experience, my own background and my own believes of how life should be.

What I think of the Republicans or Democrates (i always mix up who is who) is shaped through what is going on on the international level. What i want to know is what happens in the US. having different parties, does it affect the way americans live their life?

(ok i am a teacher, so obviously my first question is about this)

-Is there a difference in the school system since Bush is there? what is ur drop out rate? Does everyone has access to higher education if they wanted to? do kids with special needs get help? and can they AFFORD it?

-How about homeless people, or people with very low income, any of the parties care about them?

-financial aid for small entreprise?

-etc. etc. I hope you get my question, i am a bit in a rush, i need to get to work, but i really wanted to know if you are satisfied with what the gov. gives you directly. and if not, how should it be?
(let me know if it is not clear. )

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