Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Reports from a wannabe Gonzo journalist volume 1
Years ago working a summer for a construction company on a project in South Texas, I finished the project about two weeks before school started back again, I joined the party culture of South Texas. At the time I was 21 waiting to go back to school, and up for anything.

We were staying in McAllen, TX approximately 1/4 mile from Reynosa Mexico. I had never really been to Mexico, but I decided why not. So, we went, and we partied, we had fun, I fell in love, nightly, with a different girl and probably had some of the best times of my life.

I had plenty of money I had been making $14.00 an hour and working 80 hours a week. I was also paid a perdiem of $80.00 a day. The assistant superintendent whom we will call Paul and I had rented a trailer for $125.00 a month. He and I had become very good friends so he decided to stay after the job was done until I had to go back to school.

I met a beautiful mexican woman by the name of Erica, whose father owned about an eighth of Mexico. She and I hit it off, remarkably well. We just clicked, the whiskey and tequila flowed. Our love bloomed. Erica and I went out one night, after many coctails she offered me the world, I took the whiskey.

She had to go to her apartment to freshen up, I went to my rented trailer to wait. Paul offered me a shot of whiskey, I accepted. Then 5 shots later, I could barely walk and Paul or Pablo as he was known in those parts was gone. I was dying of thirst, my pants were falling down, I made it to the sink. My pants dropped, I held my head under the water drinking deeply. I heard the screen door open then the main door.

Her: "Oh my god Jesse are you fucking the sink?"
Me: "No, but if you had not arrived I might have fucked the bush out there hoping there was a rabbit."
Her: "Jesse, when was the last time you ate?"
Me: "A few days ago."
Her: "You need to eat every day."
Me: "Tell Pablo. That fucker is a bad influence."
Her: "Let's move to Mexico."
Me: "I speak just enough spanish to get us both thrown in jail."
Her: "I speak good spanish.:
Me: "OK, can you help me with my pants they are down. I need some help. BTW you are hot."
Her: OK, lets get them up. Finish your water."
Me: "I have been drinking water for about 20 minutes."

I have been fucked up many times in my life. Never as fucked up as I was before I went to McAllen. If life were fair I would live in McAllen, and Hunter S. Thompson would have been elected sheriff of Putz County CO.

The whiskey haze lifted and Erica's dad told me that he would kill me, yet the trip seemed so worthwhile. I had the time of my life, I feared nothing, except diseases, and somehow made a shitpotload of money. FUCK IT. LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO CARE.


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