Thursday, March 10, 2005
Family values......
Charlie has asked for me to respond to an article posted at the home of the Wankers..... So, here goes. DC, Jeremy, and Teach may not be too impressed but to quote "Gone with the Wind" "Frankly my dear I don't give a damn."

Much more than an offering of serious political strategy, Don't Think of an Elephant! is a feel-good self-help book for a stratum of despairing liberals who just can't believe how their commonsense message has been misunderstood by the eternally deceived masses. Liberal values are American values, they say, but somehow Americans just keep getting tricked by Fox News, Sinclair Broadcasting, AM talk radio, conservative think tanks—into thinking and voting against their own interests.

Most common sense message that apply to my life have not been liberal nor conservative messages, they have been words from everyday people. These words have not been from politicians, they have not been from talking heads like Limbaugh or Franken. They have been messages from elderly people who have told me that they worry about their children and grandchildren's futures, without social security. They have been from veterans who do not want to have to pay an annual fee to get VA services. These words sometimes stinging have been from talking to truck drivers who can not afford to operate their trucks because of the price of fuel. I have talked to farmers who are scaredto death of the farmbill cuts. One farmer told me that he was going to declare bankruptcy without his aide, because he is broke, and his fourth generation farm can not make it.

So what's an earnest, honest liberal to do when nobody wants to hear the truth?

Simple really, speak without doublespeak. The liberal message is not the issue, it is the people that have been issuing it. Northern elite people do not appeal to the people I speak to, people that I have talked to want a charismatic Democrat to tell them what they want to hear, to be the FDR of this century.

. . . Groups like MoveOn are fundamentally echo chambers for Volvo Democrats whose lives aren't much affected by whether a Democrat or a Republican is in the White House, and who think it's a politically significant act to go with an audience of like-minded souls to view a flockumentary like Fahrenheit 9/11 or Outfoxed, to set their TiVo to Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, or to pass around lefty spam containing fiery warnings of creeping fascism. A far more challenging exercise after the election would have been for MoveOn to order its troops to meet with and listen to ten people who disagreed with them—instead of talking, as usual, only to one another.

I actually agree. If the liberal message is to reach Kansas, liberals need to speak up in Kansas, if the liberal message is to reach the south, liberal people must get the word liberal out of the swear word column and back into being a positive. 'Nuff said. Liberals do not always drive Volvos, some drive Subarus too damn it....

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