Sunday, March 06, 2005
I like to do this on occasion...... Recycling my first blogger post, or at least part of it...
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National Park Rules and how They Apply to Every Day Life.
As I mentioned before I just returned from a weekend at Canyon De Chelley National Monument so these rules are fresh in my head. These rules apply if you are running a country, a company, a household, or just about anything else.
Rule # 1 - Pack out what you pack in.
Interpretation - Fix the problems that you create. It may be easier to dig a hole and bury it but when the flood comes the problems return to the surface.
Rule # 2 - Carry plenty of water.
Interpretation - Plan ahead. It is not fun to be thirsty, whether on a trail or for another part of life.
Rule # 3 - All rocks and plantlife are protected.
Interpretation - Take care of what is around you, you may not be given any more. Whether it is people or resources, the principle applies.
Rule # 4 - No motorized vehicles beyond this point.
Interpretation - Yes we probably could make it up that hill in our SUV. Before we go we must ponder the question, Why is that sign there in the first place? Why is there not a road to begin with? The reason usually has do to with the protection of something, maybe even ourselves. We may make it fine or we may top off over the hill and find only a sheer cliff face. If one was walking or exploring the area gently they have a far greater chance at survival. Some will argue that we must pioneer, or move forward and that vehicles are the 21st century horses. To that I quote cowboy artist Charles Marion Russell from John Hutchen's "One Man's Montana." " I have been called a pioneer. In my book a pioneer is a man who comes to virgin country, traps off all the furs, kills off all the wild meat, cuts down all the trees, grazes down all the grass, plows the roots up, and string ten million miles of wire. A pioneer destroys things and calls it civilization." We need to strive to fill voids and needs in our society, but not forget to replant the seeds for future growth by entrepreneurship, using resources sparingly.
Rule # 5 - Do not remove artifacts / Do not climb on ruins.
Interpretation - Do not take what is not yours, or abuse other people's property.

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