Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Scenes from a sandwich shop volume 1.
While waiting in line at a sandwich shop the name rhymes with Ryznos.

Girl Behind me: Hi Jess.

Me: How you doing girl?

Her: Good, how have you been?

Me: Alright.

Her: How come you did not call me Saturday? You promised you would Friday night.

Me: I was sleepy Saturday.

Her: Do you remember that I read your palm?

Me: Refresh my memory. (Offering her my palm)

Her: You have a short life line.

Me: Would it have been longer if I had called you?

Her: Do you even remember me?

Me: Well.... uh..... no.

Her: I am Jenny. Remember.

Me: Right, uh no...

Her: I put my number in your phone.

Me: Hmm... Let me check.

Her: You are a lost soul.

Me: Indeed. You hit the nail on the head.

Her: You have a sad look in your eyes today. Why?

Me: No reason.

Her: Are you coming over to Dennis' house tonight?

Me: Uh, yeah, how do you know Dennis?

Her: If you come your lifeline may be extended.

Me: Err ok....

Her: Do you remember anything from Friday night?

Me: Beyond 11:00 is hazy....

Her: You are handsome when you smile.

Me: Note to self: Smile for Jenny.

Her: You crack me up.

Me: Can I buy you lunch?

Her: Thought you'd never ask.

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