Sunday, March 06, 2005
Which aisle first?
I have realized that I am at the point in my life when my body does not know whether it is adult or adolescent. You may ask. How do you figure Jess?

This morning I went to the grocery store, I finished my food shopping, then headed to the non-food section. As, I walked past the frozen food aisle, I asked myself what I needed? I made a quick list in my head, then I wondered which aisle to go to first the "Rogaine" or the "Clearisil?"

I then realized that I am a 26 year old balding man with 2 new pimples. A terrible thought hit me. "Will I be an 80 year old man walking around the nursing home with my bald head shining off the flourescent lights, popping pimples off my nose?"

This has been a strange realization moment.....
I will return to more regular posting soon.

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