Sunday, April 10, 2005
Conversation with ex girlfriend
Me: Hello.

Ex: I've been thinking.

Me: It is good not let your mind grow stagnant.

Ex: Yeah. Whatever that means.

Me: Right. So whats up?

Ex: Do you ever think about us?

Me: Umm. Not really.

Ex: We could have been great.

Me: Perhaps, but you cheated on me at a Dave Matthews band concert.

Ex: Well, but.....

Me: Besided I do not think about the past. I will not go to any of my highschool or college reunions, I am in the present the future is coming but I have enough shit to worry about with what's happening today, No time to think about yesterday.

Ex: When was the last time you thought about me?

Me: About a second ago. I am currently.

Ex: So, I never crossed your mind at all?

Me: Well, no. Not really. I remembered you when I went somewhere we had been but that is about it.

Ex: You free for dinner?

Me: I was yesterday.

Ex: I don't get it.

Me: OK.

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