Monday, April 25, 2005
Conversation with ex in Grocery store (Bumped again for updates)
Her: Hi.


Her: Uh, this is awkward.


Her: You talk all the time. Why are you so quiet.

Me: I must have a lump in my throat.

Her: Hey Jess, I know you are hurt. I think I still love you a lot. Lets start over.


Her: You are too quiet tonight it is scary to see you not talk... I need my joke cracking wise ass Jess.


Her: Say something.

Me: Gotta go.

Her: Can I call you sometime? I really want to clear things up.


Her: You left your cart.

Me: (To myself) Fuck the cart. I have to get some air.

Her: I never meant to hurt you.

Me: (Walking away)

Her: Jesse stop.

Me: (To myself) Just keep walking Jess, don't ever look back.

The comments have gotten interesting. She appears to be asking other commenters for their help. I dunno, I guess I need you all's help.Whadaya think? Really lay it on me, and well her for that matter.

*UPDATE # 2*Wow. Just wow. One more wow?

How about my Nuggets?

How about some kind words for me on Ellis Island?

I called her after passing her in traffic, told her not to drive in the passing lane at a slow pace. She told me that I was crazy, but it was nice to hear me again. Then work happened, call waiting happened, life happened, and I had to go....

Will I call her again? Probably.

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