Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Conversations with Microsoft Excel Volume 2
Me: So.....


Me: I guess we need to get along. Ya know call a truce.


Me: I have just used Word more and all ya know? Just a familiarity issue.

Excel: Well dumbass, how many Excel classes have you taken?

Me: Uh 2..... I think.

Excel: You got nothing from those classes?

Me: Uh.

Excel: What were you doing trying to meet girls or learn Excel? Come on dumbass.

Me: Uh.

Excel: You make me sick.

Me: Watch it, or I will control-alt-delete your ass.


Me: That's what I thought.


Me: Sorry, man. I think all this coverage of the pope and Terri Schiavo before that have me stressed. The news seems to be nonstop death lately. I am not downplaying the situations but damn, I just want something happy every once in a while. Hell I would settle for Britneyv/ Kevin gossip at this point.

Excel: Breathe. Just relax. Damn you need some Ridlin or something dude. You make me nervous always pacing and shit.

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