Wednesday, April 06, 2005
DC's questions
Rick who runs one of my favorite conservative websites (DC) has sent me some questions to answer.... Ok, here is my endorsement of DC.

Reading D.C. is like listening to a great politician speak....before the system corrupted them.

1) You made an interesting statement in a comment one time that Iwanted to follow up. You said that you (a not flaming liberal, but aDemocrat nonetheless) and I (a social, economic, and nat'l securityconservative ... an evangelical Christian) are "not all thatdifferent". Explain what you meant by that comment.

We both want what is best for this fine republic that we both live in. We may see the route to the promised land a little differently, but we both want the American dream. Besides I believe that we probably both put on our pants the same way.... One leg at a time. I do not remember the exact reason I said that, it may have been just to say that "hey man we may may not agree, but I think you are alright."

2) I heard that maybe ... just maybe ... you used to be a Republican.Is this so, and if so ... what caused the change? If not, just giveus a paragraph description of your political philosophy.

The simple answer, George W. Bush and his band of neocons. I simply could not associate myself with a group that had so much hate for the civil liberties, love of budget deficits, and disregard for states rights. The party ideals seem to be driven by a small group of people that were taking the party down a road that I did not feel comfortable on.

My political philosophy is a fiscally conservative socially liberal one. I do not feel as if bureaucrats in Washington should dictate what a women in Des Moines, Iowa can do with her body. I believe every life is prescious but that sometimes a women must make a choice and that choice is hers and hers alone. I am in favor of the death penalty. I am all for the N.A.F.T.A. trade agreement. I believe that every american should have an equal shot. I believe in the American Dream, I believe that anybody can do great things. I believe that the government is here to support not carry people. I am a fan of workfare.

3) Tell us about your personal (work, social, blogging ... whateveryou care to share) plans and goals. Where do you see yourself in fiveyears?

My goals are to be the best at whatever I am doing. Period. I am going to be somewhere doing the best that I can be. Work, I doubt that I will be able to retire at 31 so, I would like to be doing something that I love to do, which incidentally I do now. Blogging is day to day. Social who knows.

4) You are able to have dinner with one person, any person. Name theperson, and tell us about how you would like to see the evening go.(Assume that people even younger than you might read this answer ...ahem ... assume your answer could be
read over the airwaves).

I would like to have dinner with Warren Buffet. He is an amazing business person, an innovator, and I have been told a very nice person.

5) Who are your political or ideological heroes and why?

Tough one Rick. My dad has always been one of my heroes and still is to this day. Politically I like John McCain, I may not agree with all of his politics, I admire his drive and his willingness to work together with his colleagues. Another political one would have to be Ken Salazar Sen. CO, he is truly the American dream.

Interviewing Rules ... For those who would like to submit themselves to an interview by Jess

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D.C.'s inspiration.

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