Sunday, April 24, 2005
Don't drink and read... Really I am sober now and it kind of sucks.
Avedon. She will sober you up pretty quickly. First hand knowledge. The Sideshow is a great blog not to be read at midnight after consuming 6 or 7 Jim Beam and Diet Pepsis.

ASZ's doing a little Monkey Business.

Atrios weighs in on young people that smoke. Why? I guess because his minions believe everything he says... He is a blog god to his followers, to me he is merely a descent blogger. But who am I?

SKBubba asks the burning question of Bill Frist.

Goldstein goes through the McDonald's drive-through in his Volvo Station wagon... Ok so maybe he was inside but anyway....

The General is hoping to watch the UFC chamionship with Ryan Dobson. (James' boy ya know the 35 year old with the fashion sense of a 14 year old.)

Jeremy thinks Iraq has been a net gain on life. Not so sure... But I am also not sure of civilian casualties and numbers from Sadaams days. In other words not my place to debate.

I guess I scare Guy from Rook's Rant.

Chuck tells us about his worst kissing experience.

Long time LOSLI friend, team member and Blogfather Travis, has returned and points us to this disturbing article.

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