Monday, April 25, 2005
Jess weighs in on the Papacy, religion and everything else.
So....I noticed a lot of hope amongst progressives that the catholic church would move toward a more modern direction. Problem is, guys and gals, brace yourself. Seriously, sit down. You sitting? Good.

The leaders of the Catholic church are not a speedy group. Don't believe me? Well... Let me show you something. From OPED NEWS July 2004.

As billions of Christians and Muslims throughout the world waited with rapt anticipation, it finally happened. The Pope, on June 24, 2004 apologized for the annihilation of Constantinople (currently called Istanbul , Turkey ) by Christian Crusaders during 4 days of madness, mayhem and murder in April of the year 1204 A.D. Yes, 1204 A.D.

Three hundred million Eastern Orthodox Christians were ecstatic about the long overdue apology. The world rejoiced. The multitudes went wild, taking to the streets in celebrations never before seen. Finally, world peace is at hand. The apology that we were all waiting for now is a reality.

As we all know, the sacking of Constantinople (known as the Fourth Crusade) was one of the most significant historical events between the fall of the Roman Empire and the discovery of America in the New World . It changed the course of world civilization. It changed the history
So... I guess what I am saying is don't expect a priest named Rachel to greet you at the door of your local catholic church with a plate full of condoms, sponges, and morning after pills. In the near future

Relax, it may happen, but probably not in our great great great grand children's lifetimes. Just my opinion... though, and I am but a humble recovering methodist.

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