Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Possible names for Britney's baby....
With inspiration from Ken is a Verb, I too have decided to name Britney's baby.

Earl ( It just fits)
Boudreaux (Going back to Brit's Cajun roots)
Keneshewa (After Kevin's fondness for Asian women)
Booda (Misspelled intentionally they are in Hollywood and all ya know.)
Ashton (Britney's Fantasy)
Justin (Ya know the one that got away)
Pear (Either Sex - Apple was taken by that Paltrow whore)

Junebug - (And why the hell not)
Brittanica - (Now not only an encyclopedia)
Julep (The relationship began after a months worth of solid pounding mint juleps)
Mojita (Because it is like so... fashionable to be latin, even if you are a blonde from S. Louisiana)
Heidi (Kevin really wishes he could have been around during the Heidi Fleis era)
Shar (Because it is a good name and has absolutely nothing to do with Kevin's ex, really.)
Honda (Because Harley was so.... 2004)

Tuedawgsfukkin (Inspired from a chance meeting between Britney and a large Native American man at a Washington State Trading Post)

From Comments
Boy - Asparagus or Gus for short. Courtesy of Julie with a B.

Note: I must admit, that we have the greatest commenters on the WWW. So, commenters, feel free to come up with your own, and I will update. This blog's evolution to a true group blog is coming nearer. Stay tuned.


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