Monday, April 04, 2005
Quick roundup
Flu. Flu. Flu. Flu. Not fun, feel like ass.

Have you ever seen a gas station within 15 miles of the refinery with gas prices above $2.35 a gallon? To me that is unfuckingbelievable.

Someone forgot to pay their hotel bill.
The letter written by the hotel's accountant Kirsten Yunuba Stephens, said: "My question to you: Is this how you help balance the budget at the White House by ripping off retailers in the towns you visit? If that is the case please do not come back to the Rogue Valley."

Dumb fucking athletes.
Not content with tanking his NBA career and fathering four illegitimate children while on the road, Shawn Kemp gets busted for cocaine and marijuana possession while hotboxing a truck behind a carwash.

Move the fuck out of the way.
Since the patrol started enforcing the "Left Lane Law" three months ago, troopers have written about 460 tickets or about an average of five a day to drivers who dawdle in the left lane.

Safety tips.....

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