Thursday, April 21, 2005
Referral Madness # 1
Recent Referrals to LOSLI from our friends at the search engines.

Who Discovered Vermont? (Google)

Definition of integrity (Yahoo)

Nicki McRoberts (Google)

Ken Salazar waffles (Google) (Overture)

Something about microsoft excel (Google)

tupac shakur seen 5th april cnn (Google UK)

"what can I bring"+"Jail"+"Joke" (Google)

"mary beth cahill" (Google)

Erica Talks (Google Spain)

Sally from the valley porn (Google)

David Hartlaub Murder by Hells Angels (Google)

jehovah's witness geri halliwell (Google)

Chicken habitat facts (Google)

jello biafara grow more pot (Google)

Enid Goldstein (Google)

life nebraska (Google)

These were just todays.... If you came from any of these, pull up a chair kick off your shoes and stay a while.

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