Friday, April 01, 2005
Scenes from a sandwich shop volume 2.
After we got our sandwiches (mine a roasted chicken, hers I am not sure) we sat down. The following conversation ensued.

Jenny: So.....

Me: So.....



Jenny: Um do you remember me at all from Friday?

Me: Yes vaguely.

Jenny: Good. Just making sure.

Me: Oh yeah, how could I forget?

Jenny: Um, well you guys looked like you had been having a wild night.

Me: Yes it was wild, good I got to meet you.

Jenny: Well ya know I have a guy that I have been seeing.

Me: OK.

Jenny: You have a girlfriend too right?

Me: I dunno what I have. Why?

Jenny: Well you were text messaging her while we were talking.

Me: Sorry, that was rude.

Jenny: Ah, it was kind of cute.

Me: Well thank you, for not being mad at me.

Jenny: I think we will be great friends.

Me: I agree. You want those chips?

Jenny: Yes.

Me: Had to ask.

Me: So....

Jenny: Yes.

Me: Nothing.

Jenny: OK.

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