Thursday, May 05, 2005
Conversations with Microsoft Money

Me: Uh huh?

MSN $: Your total available cash has been decreasing!

Me: Duh.


Me: What is it now?

MSN $: You've exceeded your monthly budget for food.

Me: What is my budget for food set at?

MSN $: $40.01

Me: A month!?!

MSN $: Yep

Me: Don't you think that must be a mistake?

MSN $: I do not make mistakes.

Me: I don't remember even setting a budget...

MSN $: I did it for you.

Me: And we only get forty bucks to eat on?

MSN $: Don't blame me. I don't decide how much money goes in... just how much goes out.

Me: I need a snack. or breakfast. My head is swimming.

MSN $: Just calm down missy. The kids can eat at the neighbors house and you've been looking a little... plump.

Me: There must be some mistake.

MSN $: ADVISOR FYI! Your total available cash had been decreasing.

Me: Oh yes, now I remember.

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